1st Photogrammetry Building Scan Experiment

1st Photogrammetry Building Scan Experiment

National Trust - Red House

My first experiment with photoscanning a building. It's a unique building called The Red House, designed and lived in by William Morris.

Took about 120 photos, this was nowhere near enough in retrospect, should have been at least 300+, and really needed a drone to get images higher up of the roof rather than ground shots only. The mesh of the brick work turned out really nice, but it had trouble with the foliage surrounding the base of the house.


  • Capture


    RAW photos taken on Canon 7D, with 50mm Lens and wide 16mm lense.

  • Edit

    Post process photos

    In Adobe Lightroom flatten images and resave in .tga format

  • Align

    Aligning Photos

    Photogrammetry software begins to analyse the images and align them in 3D space to create point cloud from

  • Mesh

    Creation of Mesh and Texture

    Point cloud data is used to create a mesh from, and then extract colour point data to make a diffuse map

Unfortunately the sun also kept appearing from beneath the clouds creating a lot of varying light and shadows making it difficult for the photogrammetry software to identify target points in each image so it wasn't able to build all the sides of the building.

It would be great to go back on an overcast day during winter when all the foliage will have died for the winter to get better images of the brick below it.

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